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home moving บริการขนย้ายของ &&

Started by Joe524, Dec 20, 2023, 03:53 AM

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About our company  bangkok moving service
Welcome to Good move Professional Moving Company.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, our company is ready to serve you
with Door-to-Door moving and relocation services across the world.

We are the leading 24/7 full-service mover. Our moving services range professionally from packing you up, moving, transporting to unpacking to your new houses, homes or offices.  house mover

Our moving services include Residential Relocation Services, Office Relocation Services, Exhibition Relocation Services, Machinery Moving Services, Storage Services and Trucks Services  house mover

Our Services  bangkok moving service

 house mover
With Good move, moving house will be the most relaxing and comfortable, with our full service of house moving by Good move Professional Movers.
Moving is in our DNA. Your house moving process could not be easier.
Our professional movers are guaranteed to the top quality and fully equipped with all means to offer you the most comfortable moving experience.

Office Relocation Service
Moving to a new office without disturbing your current business anymore, our office relocation service is professionally planned and executed by the professional mover team of Good move. No more frustrations and headaches with office relocation. We help customers plan the office moving from scratch, so clients can put your full energy to your business. Let Good move company be your moving partner. We make your office relocation process the smoothest you have ever experienced.

Exhibition relocation service  house mover
Work in the exhibition is not too hard anymore with the full services for trade shows and art by Good move Professional Movers.
Do customers have a headache with these issues? The exhibition to be installed within a limited time? How to finish in time? Worry no more with our professional moving system and crews. Everything becomes easy and relaxed.

Machinery moving service
Good Move Professional Movers makes your factories and machinery relocation easier.
Do you have a headache with these issues?
How to move large machinery equipment? How to move and install equipment? Worry no more. With our service, the machinery relocation is flawless.

International moving service
Support from our network and strong experience.
We can offer a full range of international moving services including moving goods, moving house or residence, factory machinery, and exhibition. We provide services covering more than 120 countries worldwide.
If customers are looking for the most economical way to move with reliable moving time through customs clearance, our service offers all assistance to their moving needs."

Storage service
We understand the business. Companies are growing with less storage space.
We understand the problems of the city. Home and condo have less and less space.
Good move takes care of the headache without customers worrying any more.
Come to us for the reliable full storage service."

Business to business service
Your business will run effortlessly with our business support,
Full moving services from Good move professional movers.
Worry no more, with our perfect business-to-business service system so customers can be sure that they will receive superior privileges when you partner with us."

Related service
We, Good Move, understand that there should be a continuous service. Not only our main moving service, we also offer other extra services such as cleaning service, disinfection service, eliminate dust and mite service, remove & disassemble the furniture service, packing and wrapping Service for renovation. We also rent and sell professional packing equipment.
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